If you are looking for answers or think we may be able to help, then get in touch and we can take it from there. We never dismiss any concerns and we always listen.

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Sometimes it is easy to ask for help but that isn’t always the case. This can come down to what you or your child have been through, whether you know what the problem is or even trying to find the right words to describe what is going on. We ask that you simply get in touch and we can take it from there. Tell us if you just need to talk or are looking for advice and we can get back to you to work out what the next step should be.

Take a look below at our contact details to help you decide the best way to get in touch with us. If you’re unsure, please use the details for general enquiries or fill in an enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as we can. If it is urgent, then please do call us or put urgent in the subject line.

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What our patients say

"Mr Crompton fixed my broken leg and now I can play football again! Thanks Mr crompton"

Jack - aged 7

Where we work

We are based at The Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital in Brighton and also see children at The Portland hospital, London and Spire Gatwick Park Hospital, Horley. We offer a range of clinics, so can see your child at a time that is convenient for you.

Furthermore, you can book an appointment with me through Top Doctors or the Orthopaedic Specialists Clinic.




The Royal Alexandra Children's Hospital

Eastern Road



The Portland Hospital

2nd floor, 215 Great Portland Street



Spire Gatwick Park Hospital

Hookwood, Horley


The Cromwell Hospital

164-178 Cromwell Road